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TFM Mission

Bringing people and knowledge together to explore Human Movement Potential.

TFM centres its practice on three core elements: Posture, Performance, and Wellbeing, and shares a commitment to foster these essentials in clients – to live a pain free and fulfilling life.

TFM empowers and educates its clients to uncover commonly held misconceptions about posture, so that daily activities are managed with ease and optimal movement. TFM works to expand and extend the body’s capacity to function with ease, utilizing collaborative methods (modalities) to increase wellness and wellbeing.

Our goal at TFM is to:

  • Define how we manage our daily activities – stand, sit, and walk,
  • Increase our capacity to perform them,
  • Focus on the unique characteristics and patterns we each have developed,
  • And support our ability to further develop movement: with ease and freedom.

At TFM we believe that it is possible to:

  • Increase strength and flexibility;
  • Boost confidence;
  • Reduce pain;
  • Allow for more movement;
  • Unlock tension;
  • Improve balance, mobility and harmony throughout the body;

So what is the TFM Approach?