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I have been a patient of Nicks for more than 5 years and he has helped my body prepare for and recover from a double hip replacement and two pregnancies as well as the usual day to day niggles that come with sitting at a desk and carrying children around all day. He has succeeded where other therapies have failed and leaving one of his sessions is like walking on a cloud. Thanks Nick you truly have the magic touch!


My shoulder was killing me from excessive computer use but doctors and physios had not been able to help me, so when someone suggested Rolfing and more precisely Nick to me, I thought I’d give it a go. I had no idea what Rolfing was, but I immediately liked Nick and his approach. As we progressed through the 10 first sessions, my whole body started to feel different and by the end my shoulder pain was gone and I simply felt like I had one complete aligned body and not various disconnected bits! Since the first sessions I have been seeing Nick every 3 months or so to maintain things and my shoulder still holds out despite at times excessive abuse. From what I have learnt over the years and through seeing other Rolfers when Nick was not available, I believe Nick is a genuine master in his field. He has always made me feel unique and genuinely cared for in our sessions. He is compassionate, direct, confident, creative, respectful, practical and extremely effective in what he does. I feel very lucky to have found Nick and always recommend him to anyone I meet who have body issues I think he can help with. It is not often you meet someone as good at what he does as Nick. Thank you for all your help.