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I first started seeing Nick four years ago after the birth of my first child. I have a long history of neck and back problems, including scoliosis and whiplash and my neck and shoulders would completely seize up every few weeks – I’d be unable to move my neck and feel severe pain even when resting. It was quite debilitating. I tried countless osteopaths, chiropractors and different massage therapies over the years but didn’t find anything particularly helpful, some therapies providing short-term relief only. Nick was different. There were many times when I’d go in to see Nick with a stiff, painful neck feeling pain around 8-9/10 on the pain scale and with almost no range of motion in my neck and walk out an hour later able to move again – just a niggle or some tenderness in the affected muscles. That was in the bad old days. After some time getting my body straightened out and getting to know my patterns of restriction, Nick also referred me to a highly skilled Pilates teacher who does remedial work specifically designed to correct poor patterns of movement. So Nick has been like my panel-beater/mechanic sorting out my dented body and the Pilates instructor has made me stronger and taught me how to ‘drive my car’ properly to avoid crashing in future! I’ve never felt stronger or better in my body. My second baby is now 8 months old and weighs > 11kg, yet I am managing to lug him around without any neck pain for over 6 months! Thanks Nick!

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