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I first met Nick Barbousas after 12 months of struggling with a severe hamstring injury and post-PRP complications which was creating enormous stress in my life. I had been a healthy, athletic, active surf lifesaver, soft sand runner, ocean swimmer and half marathon runner reduced to barely being able to sit in a chair for half an hour. I didn’t know that much about Rolfing and I felt I had already tried every avenue possible from many types of massage, physio, osteopathy, healings but I was desperate so I thought I would give it a try. Nick was very honest and upfront with me, saying if I didn’t notice any relief after 3 sessions, it probably wasn’t going to help me. Luckily, he has miracle hands! He got me back running in such a short time, even soft sand which the physio said I would never do again! Nick is an exceptional Rolfing professional with an enormous depth of expertise and experience. With his compassionate, professional, thorough and supportive approach, I would highly recommend him to anyone. I cannot speak highly enough about Nick!

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