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Correct Sitting Posture

Correct Sitting Posture Finding a ‘Neutral’ Pelvis will lead to a balanced upright spine   Exercise Find somewhere to sit with a fairly firm surface. Place the palms of your hands on your buttock, with the same hand on the same side (just where the top of the leg meets the buttocks) – this means […]


Sitting Posture Patterns

How We Often Sit   Finding a natural sitting position can seem difficult in the beginning, but with some time and understanding it can become second nature. Slouching can be a by-product coming from a lack of support within the body – not a preexisting set of instructions that we inherit. Whether at work in […]


Sitting Posture

Our Sitting Posture Sit up straight! Don’t lean over your plate of food! The request is straight forward, but the ‘doing’ may be something else. How can you change something you’re not even aware you’re doing?   What happens when we sit poorly?   When we get into the habit of slouching or collapsing our […]