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Posture and Feet

Our posture from the ground up


‘Sole’ Searching – understanding your feet

Feet and posture

Like most structures support begins at the bottom – a base of support. Understanding our feet is integral in creating a base of support for all the regions of the body that come above it. We spend so much time ‘using’ our feet. Whether standing, walking, running, or playing sport, we will usually encase them in shoes that will offer to a varying degree some support and protection, but will also impact on our natural ability to care and repair them.


 An exercise for balance and support

There are 3 important points on the sole of the foot that you should consider.

Foot and tripod

  • The ball of the big toe
  • The ball of the little toe, and
  • The middle of the heel

It’s upon these 3 points that we each stand. Whether our weight falls more on the outside, inside, front, or back of the foot…to some degree our weight will fall through these 3 points.


With your mind’s eye go down to your feet. What do you have to do to bring a ‘sense’ of equal distribution (balance) between the three points? What muscles do you need to ‘subtly’ release or engage to find a sense of balance?

Just in front of the heel I want you to imagine that you have an ‘eye’ – closed at this stage.

Rooted ManNow, open this eye of the foot and imagine yourself looking down into and through to the ground. It is from this place that we find our ‘centre’, our central point from which our weight balances. By imagining the eye being open, ‘searching’ into the ground, we begin to understand the need for awareness and support from below. By creating this support from below we are allowing the possibility for change and release to occur further up the body.

By imagining the ‘eye’ of the foot opening you are creating the sense of openness, expansion, and release that is necessary in creating integration of all 3 arches of the feet.

By searching from the minds ‘eye’ down to the ‘eye’ of the foot you are connecting throughout the length of your body. With time and with the addition of the other elements to this equation you will be able to uncover a deeper connection, understanding, and awareness along the ‘whole’ body.

Remember: This is an ongoing process; an exercise in balance and grounding. Do not be disheartened by not being able to find the points straight away. It takes time, and the journey to uncovering your place on your feet — your ‘Sole Searching’ — is a process, not a finite end point.